Physical Immortality

Physical immortality or eternal life is now a possibility, this has come about due to the staggering developments our society is making in the areas of science, technology and spirituality.

With these extraordinary advances in the evolution of thought within our species, the possibility of living forever could be waiting for us in our future. Our organizations primary objective is to research, how this is may be achieved by our members. Today we will present to you an opportunity that really has been billions of years in the making. We want to show you how to become an immortal. So come with us on a journey, you may have never believed possible. We really do want to help you.

If this question was ever presented to you what would your answer be

Do you want Physical Immortality?

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Physical Immortality in the future?

"Our universe is an entirely incomprehensible endlessly flowing river of infinite possibility, from which we can create anything we want."

The Immortalbeing Foundation 2000

Physical Immortality you ask yourself, is this possible ? The average life expectancy in the western world is under 30 000 days. Its quite simple change or die. Come with us and have a quick glance through history. We will look at a few events that have helped shape our world. This concept may not be as strange as it seems. As you will see from the timeline, every civilization in the past thought they had a good grasp of what was and wasn't possible. But were proved wrong time and time again In today's society technology is increasing at an increasing rate, to quicker than we have ever seen ! Only now, right at this point in time has the Foundation ever been possible.

If a human ear has been grown from the back of a mouse and they can clone a sheep. I don't think there is anyone on this planet qualified enough to state that this immortality is impossible.

Have a good look around you, the rules of your parents reality are being broken, everyday,
clones,hand transplants, 7 story high space stations under construction in space. The Human Genome project! What next?

The world wide web makes it possible, to coordinate like minded people in every country and society on the planet. With a unified field of thought in the direction of our primary objective, it may make it a reality quicker than you ever could have believed.

The Immortalbeing Foundation is a world first organization. Our objective is to take money from giant corporations and put it back into members pockets, while researching the possibility of immortality. In the day and age that we live this process may not be too far away. But we must start pouring resources into it now, to make it a reality sooner rather than later.

If a cure for death is developed by Celera, the Human Genome project, Some giant corporation or the Government of any country. Do you think that technology, of this single biggest event in human history will immediately be available to you? We assure you it won't. Billion dollar companies are shaping our world, you can bet they don't have our best interests at heart, profits are their main concern.

With an aging world population the health industry is the largest industry in the world, people are doing everything to extend life, vitamins, exercise, healthy diets, surgery and many other things. Unfortunately it seems being healthy is only the slowest way to die. Enter