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Physical Immortality you ask yourself, is this possible ? Is any one qualified to say it is not?

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The average life expectancy in the western world is under 30 000 days. Its quite simple change or die. Come with us and have a quick glance through history. We will look at a few events that have helped shape our world. This concept of physical immortality may not be as strange as it seems. As you will see from the timeline, every civilization in the past thought they had a good grasp of what was and wasn't possible. But were proved wrong time and time again

In the last 25 years we have gone from looking in awe, at the invention of microwave ovens and color TVs. To thinking nothing of watching galaxies colliding on the other side of the universe, on the maze we call the World Wide Web. Where is the next decade or two going to take us?

"We cannot ignore the possibility of Physical Immortality"

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As the new century begins, many people are beginning to move to a higher level of understanding. There is a growing awareness, that the world around us is not all what it seems. It is an illusion, that it is going to be business as usual into the endless unfolding confines of the future for the human race. Many events are occurring, that we once reserved for the realms of science fiction. Human ears being grown from the back of mice. Ask your self the question where it is leading?

We think it is only a matter of time, before the technology of physical immortality is available.

In today's society technology is increasing at an increasing rate, to quicker than we have ever seen ! Only now, right at this point in time has the possibility a risen to within the grasp of the human enterprise.

The world wide web makes it possible, to coordinate like minded people in every country and society on the planet. With a unified field of thought in the direction of our physically immortality, may make it a reality quicker than you ever could have believed.

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As we can see the instant in time between 1850-1900 technology starts increasing at a increasing rate. As the last century progressed the level of increase has move to an astronomical rate. Human kind is now making more advances in a year than they did in their first 1.5 billion years. Why are these increases suddenly occurring?

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Check out the database of satellite positions here. Up to the minute information of the position of over 500 satellites circling our globe.

If we look at communication as a force which drives technology, it is only going to be increasing dramatically over the coming decade.

We want to promote awareness of the opportunity that we have to build a better society for us all to live in.

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